I was born January 14, 2000. I am a hairy-hairless, full-faced, dropped-eared, Chinese Crested. One in a litter of three, I had a brother and sister. When we were very young we were taken from our mother and placed in a a tiny room lined with shredded newspapers and surrounded by plexi-glass walls so people could stare at us. A sign on the outside of our tiny little room read "Chinese Crested's $599!!" We sat there for a few weeks until one day they took my sister out of our room, she never came back. Time had past and we got older, and it seemed the more we got older and grew , the lady would come by and change the sign on the window. $500......$450.......$400..... apparently something must have been wrong with us because people would stop and look at us and ask if we had some kind of disease. But no, nothing was wrong with us, we just looked different. We didn't look like the Jack Russell's, that were in the tiny room next to us or the new Chihuahuas they just brought in. Finally when we were 4 months old , a lady came in and played with us. She called me Pretty and my brother Cute! She would come back twice a week and take us out of our tiny room and play with us. One day she came and she told us that we should have a name, so she called me Willow and she called my brother Joxler. She told us she wanted to take both of us home but only had enough money for one. So she made the difficult choice and picked me. I was very sad, I was being taken away from my brother. My new mommy and Daddy and two new brothers showered me with love and attention. It was scary at first, I didn't know what grass was, it felt funny on my feet and they had a cat that in time became my new sister, her name is Baby, we take naps together. One day Mommy went back to get my brother but he was gone. Mommy and Daddy felt very bad, they wanted to give him a good home like they did for me. One day Mommy was online and came upon a website called Crest-Care. It is a organization dedicated in rescuing Chinese Cresteds. Mommy and Daddy wanted to help so Mommy filled out an application and a few weeks later they called her, Mommy and Daddy were very excited!!! They wanted to help animals that were not loved. When Mommy was talking to the lady from the organization she found out they had my brother!!!!! Apparently, he didn't have a very good life. Someone bought him from the pet store, they ended up bringing him to the shelter, then a couple who lived in an apartment that weren't supposed to have dogs took him from the shelter. When they were going to move to a new apartment they called Crest-Care and they took him, so now he is finally in a stable, loving home with people who care about him and know about our breed. Mommy and Daddy are going to help Crest-Care by fostering Chinese Cresteds that need a good home, and I will finally be reunited with my brother after all this time!!!!


Willow being a little batty!

Willow is dressed as a bat for Halloween.

Vet day

The 3rd day we had her, this right befor we took her to the vet for the first time.

Visit to the vet!

Willow's first visit to the vet.

Pretty Willow!

Willow being held by her big brother Sam at the zoo!

Fuzzy Face

Willow strolling through the kitchen.

All dressed up!

Willow with Grandma, Uncle Mike and Michelle!


Willow camping at Red Lake.


Willow walking around naked!

Willow and Sam

Willow and her big brother Sam!

Willow and her big brothers!

Willow with Sam and Andy!